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Hello Its Anonymous

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Hello Its Anonymous

Post by Anønymous on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:48 pm

Hello my dear family, I am known as Anønymous I am the founder/creator of this forum and i wanted to inform those about this website and what I believe and what I view within this "World".

I am here to say I find this government sickening ans utterly under the concept of injustice but for years human beings have been limited to what we can do and what we can say and when in the face of police officiers and officials of higher power within the nation. This America is not the home of the free it is the home of the enslaved just as it is the home of cultures like stealing,lying,cheating, and murder and how can say we are a good nation? When we aren't a united nation like others think we are but atlast.....Anonymous has helped changed this and where America was built upon the Rape of a native land and its Native People we killed them for being friendly people and yet we took what we thought was our land when they were the real owners.

The government makes up lies after lies to keep us in line and they make more so by there wont be any "No mass panic" which would cause massive chaos but yet they make excuses to attack other countries for no reason for the sick pleasure of a single New World Order but I am here to say.....This website you have the freedom of speech you so much love but we dont allow freedom of hate as that is what the government wants you to do they want you to be negative so when something happens they can throw you under the bus with no remorse.

This world has caused more issues within society and its time to stop its time to revolute and let our thoughts and feelings out of the bag and not inside a cold dark cage.

If you are one of those people who are Conspiracy Theorists,Loners,victims of the law.....we are here to help voice your supression.

Its our job to get rid of those Rapists,Child Molesters,Murderers and Racists from this world and leave those who can handle life and can handle the acts of being truthful,honest,loving, and caring its our job to stop the supression of others be it mentally,physically, and emotionally.

So remember......
We are Anonymous!
We are an Idea!
We can't be Killed!
We won't Forgive!
We can't Forget!
Expect Us!

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