Disclaimer: We don't Ask,Beg,and or Encourage our users to hack people anyone found doing this will be Instantaneously banned from the forum.

Global Anonymous Rules

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Global Anonymous Rules

Post by An√łnymous on Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:26 am

About Us

This place is a community where we discuss and talk about current and past events we don't beg,ask, and or promote our users to hack others for the sole purpose of useless things we are a community of sentient beings who care about our current times and our future events.

Global Rules

Rule 0: We will suggest Members to be friendly toward each other we don't want a corrupt and hostile community.
Rule 1: DO NOT post any time of nudity of any kind.
Rule 2: DO NOT ask or promote any type of hacking! (Instant Permanent Ban!)
Rule 3: DO NOT disrespect the kind moderators of this forum.
Rule 4: DO NOT give away your personal information to someone you don't know.
Rule 5: DO NOT use hate speech as a use of freedom of speech this means any racial/sexist slur.

Minor Rules

DO NOT try to backseat moderator the website leave it up to the Administrators and Moderators of the website report any and all known problems!

DO NOT cause unwanting and provoking behavior within the Chatbox we want members to be intelligent not ignorant.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.

(However purposely attacking others with racial or inappropriate words will revoke your freedom of speech on this website like its said we want a friendly community where people can have their opinions voiced and not be surrounded by hate.)


All members get a single warning we do not tolerate problematic users.

100%=You are not getting ban.
75%=You getting a SINGLE day ban.
50%=You get a week ban.
25%=You get a month ban.
0%=Ban from the Website.

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